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Benefits of Amino Acids: Shelly Jo Wahlstrom | Habits for Humans

Amino acids are food for our brain. They help regulate levels of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and gabba. When your brain doesn’t have enough amino acids, it can show up in cravings: sugar, overeating, or drugs. When you combine amino acids with good nutrition and mental wellness, you have the trifecta of good health!

Positive Body Image:Jenn Vazquez | Habits for Humans

Jenn went from being the girl who was overweight, never picked first in gym class, to working out and moving everyday. In this podcast, we’ll explore what that journey looked like for her, and how you can focus on becoming someone who moves their body rather than focusing on exercising as a means to lose weight. Your body deserves love and respect. It’s working hard to keep you alive!

Is cancer in your genes? Dr. Mel | Habits for Humans

The most important cancer prevention step is to know your risk. Dr Mel walks us through the different levels of cancer risk, and what to do if your genetic, family, personal, environmental, or demographics point towards a higher risk.

Change Stubborn Habits: The Making of a Healthy Environment | Kim Flynn

What happens when you get stuck and are unable to shift a habit? Instead of trying to muscle your way through habit changes, try shifting your environment. Every room in your house has one or two habits associated with it. When you walk into a room, you naturally do those one or two behaviors. Shift your environment and you shift your life.

Body Mapping: What your Features Reveal : Laurel Huston | Habits for Humans

Learn how to love your belly, butt and thighs in this unique interview with Laurel Huston. Laurel talkes about how to make peace with your body parts by learning what each unique part of your body is trying to tell you. Learning what the meaning behind the shape, size and color of your body means about your personality, abilities, and life’s purpose.

Build Healthy Habits: Health Tips from Fitness Experts: Millie Hull | Habits for Humans

Exercise is highly personal. Yoou have permission to do it your way! Whether that means you are into cardio, strength, or yoga, follow yourself instead of what experts might tell you. What feels good to you? The key to starting any new habit is to find one small strategy that is 100% achievable, even on a bad day. Consistency trumps intensity every time.

Intuitive Eating Principles: Should you Include Alcohol in your Diet? with Ben Brown | Habits for Humans

The question is not, should I drink alcohol or not? The question is: what are your health goals. Alcohol does have an effect on your health, in not only calories but also sleep quality and brain function. When we realize that our health determines our freedom, we take responsibility for our health decisions, including our decision to drink alcohol.

Heal Your Body: Renew your Love Affair with your Body with Becky Moller & Nesha Woodhouse: Part 2 | Habits for Humans

If you are working through trauma, your body will give you wisdom you can’t access in any other way. How to find your true center, and overcome overfunctioning as a way to prove your value.

Positive Body Image: Renew your Love Affair with your Body with Becky Moller & Nesha Woodhouse: Part 1 | Habits for Humans

It’s not what your body looks like, it’s how you feel in your body. It is tempting to buy into thinking your body is your value in a society that validates self-betrayal in order to be skinny.

Healthy Habits Podcast: Why being healthy is harming our health with Alicia Hill | Habits for Humans

Health is much bigger than your body weight. Being healthy includes your mental, emotional and social health. When you buy into diet culture, you sacrifice your overall health in order to temporarily be skinny.