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Morning Routine Ideas: Violet Rain Freedom | Habits for Humans

Get some morning routine ideas with the lovely Violet Rain Freedom. In this podcast V walks us through how to add inspiration, physical movement, and somtheing recreational into our daily morning routine using habit stacking. Learn the art of making it yours, and giving yourself the gift of doing it your way instead of following a prescribed recipe.

Have a Better Quality of Life in Later Years: Christine Scheffer & Robert Fisher | Habits for Humans

Learn how to have a great quality of life through your golden years through Robert & Christine’s 12 Keys. You will learn a variety of surprising principles, like how to track your sleep, a trick to stop interrupting your partner, and why you will always want to wear socks! Track your progress on an annual schedule to keep yourself progressing and moving forward.

How to be happy always: Learn how to ditch the happiness rules so you can actually be happy | Habits for Humans

Instead of making ourselves crazy with all the wellness activities, Bob Gardner teaches us in this episode of Habits for Humans how to let life itself be the healing. Learn how to go from looking for the exact path to learning how to ditch the happiness rules so you can actually be happy.

Tai Chi meditation: How to practice authentically so you can reap the real rewards | Habits for Humans

Skilled Tai Chi vs the McDonalds Version: Brandon Gilbert teaches us to practice authentically so you can reap the real rewards of Tai Chi and have deep inner peace

Does Energy Healing Change Your Brain?: Kandy Graves | Habits for Humans

In this episode, Kandy Graves who is a Pattern Breaking Energy Therapy Practitioner walks us through how she utilizes a unique balance of traditional and energy healing methods, she assists her clients to be free of depression and anxiety through owning their Divinity and identifying and breaking subconscious generational patterns.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat: Nikki Burnett | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, functional Nutritionist and dog lover Nikki Burnett teaches us why dry kibble is junk food for your dog, and step-by-step, how to introduce a more natural diet for your dog. Nikki takes the confusion and frustration out of raw feeding your pet.

How to Feel Productive: Jennifer Richter | Habits for Humans

compounding effect on skill development and joy. She teaches how having increasingly ambitious goals has kept her motivated and has led to a successful art business.

How To Show Up for Yourself: Mary Young | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, speech therapist, online business owner, and mom Mary Young teaches us how to have the courage to “show up” in our lives. “Confidence is not somethibg you have, it’s something you practice.” She teaches how to adjust your mindset to give yourself permission to pursue your dreams. “Life is not pass or fail.”

Codependency in Marriage: Ryan Quilter | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Ryan Quilter walks us through his journey of overcoming self-hate and codependency. In order to become and stay mentally well, he had to leave a toxic relationship. Today, he wouldn’t trade his journey for the world. He is only able to appreciate his life now after going through the hard.