Codependency in Marriage: Ryan Quilter | Habits for Humans

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SHOW NOTES: Codependency in Marriage: Ryan Quilter | Habits for Humans

In this episode of Habits for Humans with Kim Flynn, we discuss how mindset is everything. In this podcast, Ryan Quilter walks us through his journey of overcoming self-hate and codependency in marriage. In order to become and stay mentally well, he had to leave a toxic relationship. Today, he wouldn’t trade his journey for the world. He is only able to appreciate his life now after going through the hard. Now Ryan uses the knowledge he gained to help women through their own journey of loving themselves through gentle fitness and nutrition.

Welcome to Habits for Humans, the show that explores how to program your brain to maximize your potential. The goal of this podcast is to teach you how to instill systems and habits to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.


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Ryan Quilter has been a health coach and trainer for more than 8 years, and during that time has trained more than 2,000 clients. His passion is helping others create a sustainable change in their life, and he does this through helping his clients understand the mindset and psychology behind their behaviors.

He has a wonderful wife, Ashlee, and three amazing kids…one of which has a viral reel on Instagram with 5.3 million views.

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Kim Flynn is a best-selling author, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures. She is currently the CEO of Card Salad, a health and wellness company that provides organizational products to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life. Kim is a frequent guest expert in systems and habits on podcasts, television and radio shows.

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