Tag: Eat Well

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat: Nikki Burnett | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, functional Nutritionist and dog lover Nikki Burnett teaches us why dry kibble is junk food for your dog, and step-by-step, how to introduce a more natural diet for your dog. Nikki takes the confusion and frustration out of raw feeding your pet.

Codependency in Marriage: Ryan Quilter | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Ryan Quilter walks us through his journey of overcoming self-hate and codependency. In order to become and stay mentally well, he had to leave a toxic relationship. Today, he wouldn’t trade his journey for the world. He is only able to appreciate his life now after going through the hard.

Failure to Success Story: Chad Hyams | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, author and speaker Chad Hyams tells us how he failed his way to success by honing his mindset. He is referred to as the voice of reason because of his ability to tell it like it is and to make complicated things simple. Chad explains how to improve your mindset to improve your productivity.

Embracing Work Home Balance: Hena Chowdhury | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Hena Chowdhury tells us how she balances taking care of her home and family while getting her master’s degree and working for a charity. She explains how to water and nurture each area of life while embracing the challenges.

Orthorexia: When Health is your Heroin | Laura Cragan | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Laura Cragun tells her vulnerable and powerful story of overcoming body dysmorphia, orthorexia, and binge eating. She didn’t realize how sick she was until she checked into a treatment center and realized that dieting and perfectionism can be as powerful as heroin. Laura now teaches principles of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition to her clients.

Creating Nutritional Habits: Robbie Hall | Habits for Humans

Listen to how personal trainer Robbie Hall went from having a 0% success rate giving his clients prescribed plans to phenomenol success by having his clients track their own steps. In this podcast, Robbie explains how tracking your sleep, water, food, and movement can be mindfull and joy-filled instead of obsessive. Learn the eight steps of tracking for a simple, enjoyable path to health.

Stress Management Techniques: Dr. Thomas Hemingway | Habits for Humans

We are suffering from a national stress crisis. In this podcast, Dr Thomas Hemingway explains how an overactive sympathetic nervous system can cause us to feel on edge, anxious, and easily triggered. The good news is the negative effects from stress can be prevented by simply being proactive, and implementing a few simple habits.

Healthy Eating Habits: Sunnee Hoppe | Habits for Humans

Instead of taking on heroic, perfectionistic feats why dont we start with simple behaviors, executed daily, which set you up for success? In this podcast, Sunnee Hoppe discusses the high of accomplishment that we chase when we buy into diet culture, and how real health is not at all complicated.