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Healthy Eating Habits with Sunnee Hoppe


In this episode of Habits for Humans with Kim Flynn, we discuss healthy eating habits: how instead of taking on heroic, perfectionistic feats why dont we start with simple behaviors, executed daily, which set you up for success? In this podcast, Sunnee Hoppe discusses the high of accomplishment that we chase when we buy into diet culture, and how real health is not at all complicated.

Welcome to Habits for Humans, the show that explores how to program your brain to maximize your potential and develop healthy eating habits. The goal of this podcast is to teach you how to instill systems and habits to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.

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Kim Flynn is a best-selling author, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures. She is the CEO of Card Salad, a health and wellness company that provides organizational products to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life. Kim is a frequent guest expert in systems and habits on podcasts, television and radio shows.

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Kim Flynn: hi, and welcome to habits for humans. The podcast that explores what makes people tick and how to program this brain of ours to do what we actually want it to do and develop healthy eating habits. We’re going to explore why we can sometimes, and in some areas of our lives achieve extraordinary accomplishments. While other times we are addicted to Cheetos and watching TV.

If you want to be healthy and have healthy eating habits , what is the secret to programming our brain to maximize our potential? And I’ve got a great guest. Uh, with us today, I’m super excited to talk to her Sunday. You have one of the most just positive and, uh, upbeat personalities. So sunny has COVID right now, active COVID and here she is smiling and happy and doing a podcast.

So I love it. Thanks for being on here. Honey. I’m your host Kim Flint. Today. We’re going to talk to somebody who will actually introduce it just a second here. We’re going to talk about sustainability and lifelong habits. You know, one of my favorite topics. Uh, lifelong versus the quick fix. So, uh, I love this quote from her. She says, instead of taking on heroic perfectionistic feats, and think about the last diet or exercise program you started.

Heroic perfectionistic feeds. Right. Why don’t we start with simple behaviors executed daily, which set you up for success. And as much as I, uh, have a mission right now to. Uh, end dieting. I really, really feel that for myself, for my family, for our listeners. I would love to end dieting. I still get sucked into it. I was on tick tock, tick tock last night.

Uh, you know, for hours in the bathtub, my personal guilty pleasure, and this guy came on kind of like a Tim Ferriss guy and he likes to do human body experiments and he did a. Uh, 16 day water fast. And he lost a bunch of weight. And still, even though I preach this and I have products about this and I have a company about this still in my brain, I’m tempted to be like, oh, maybe I should try a water diet.

Sonny. Heroic perfectionistic feeds instead of that, why don’t we start with simple behaviors? I love that. So I’m super excited to get into that with her. Uh, we do have giveaways. We’ve got two really nice giveaways at the end, uh, for our listeners. So if you like free stuff, stay tuned to the end.

And before we introduce, uh, Sonny, I’d love to do a word from our sponsor habits for humans is brought to you by card salad, I health and wellness company that teaches you how to program your brain using systems and habits. Uh, so you know how everyone wants to eat healthy, but if you haven’t meal planned for the week, you just go to the freezer and you pull out, you know, chicken nugget, dyno nuggets, dyno nuggets, and.

And maybe you’ll throw in like a microwaveable pack of peas or something. Right. And we call that dinner. Uh, it’s so hard to meal plan if you’re not in the habit of doing it. So what we’ve done is created a product that meal plans for you. It’s called eat well. It’s a done for you meal planning system. It comes with his beautiful menu board that you hang on your fridge, the recipe cards hanging on the menu bar.

Uh, board. So you always know what’s for dinner, it comes with done for you shopping list. So you simply enter those into your online shopping grocery store, your, your, uh, Groceries are delivered every week for you and all of your meal planning has done for you. And there’s also a habit cards in there, habits that you read every day that slowly instill the habits of taking care of yourself. If we try to do, I’m going to read that quote again, if we try to do a heroic perfectionistic feat, we won’t be successful.

So the program starts with simple behaviors executed daily. So stay tuned to the end here of this podcast. And we’ll give you a seven day meal planning, a done for you system that you can. Get to your email inbox immediately. So I’m super excited to introduce sunny. Uh, Saudi has been in the fitness and coaching industry for over 18 years, even though she looks 23.

She’s working with her clients to shed unwanted weight feed fuel, to develop healthy eating habits and feed their bodies re-energize and feel their best at any age, she works one-on-one to help others develop healthy habits. Which serves the future of their health. The number one feedback she gets from those she works with is that they feel better now than we did when the.

They feel better now than they did in their glory days. Oh my goodness. Talk to me about that, Sonny. We all have glory days. I want to hear your glory day. I want to tell you about my glory day. And, uh, and I think honestly, glory days can hurt us because we look back and think, oh, that those days tell me about glory days.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah. I mean, well, first of all, thank you for having me here. Super stoked about this. Um, you have such a great podcast voice. First off, I’m just going to say.

Um, glory days. Yeah.

You know, it’s, it’s so funny. Like. Like.

w Every we all have that time where like we’re telling a story and we like Rosie up and we’re like, oh, the days. But like, the grass is always greener. Right? Like, I think there was a quote in the office that he said, I wish we knew we were living the glory days when we were actually living them.

Kim Flynn: Oh, I love that the office waxes poetic sometimes.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah.

it’s Andy’s character and he’s talking about like, oh, I wish we just know. And you know, I think we can always make anything.

Um, our glory days, like, I think back.

To like when I was in high school and I well, that was my glory day because I didn’t think about food constantly and think about my body constantly and all of that. And so like, we’re always striving to like, get back to that feeling that we had without realizing that like, when we live in the moment that is the glory day.

Kim Flynn: I love that. My, my glory day would be when I was in my, probably late twenties, early thirties, I decided to get really fit. And I did this extreme diet and exercise program. You know, the 12 week diet in you’re in really good shape at the end of those 12 weeks, it’s completely not sustainable. It isn’t about developing healthy eating habits, It’s completely not how I’d want to eat for the rest of my life.

And then we hold ourselves to that standard or else I did for a long time, held myself to that standard. Oh, if only I had enough discipline or motivation or was, you know, a good enough person. That I could be in that. Uh,

It’s completely unsustainable though. So. Let’s let’s jump into it then. Um, we always start with your number one habit to manage your own mental, mental wellness. What’s the practice you do to manage the stress of daily life. Sunny. What I’m

Sonnee Hoppe: right now, breathing.

Breathing and meditating. I have become like a meditation junkie.

Um, you know, and meditating can be so simple.

It could be.

You know, I think when I first started meditating, I was like, oh my God, like, I don’t have 20 minutes to sit down under a tree, like Buddha and like clear my mind. I need to develop healthy eating habits.

But like all meditation is, is like dropping into the present moment and we just do that with breathing. And so I do like 32nd meditations throughout the day. Like I do it when I wake up, I focused on my breath.

I think about, you know, how happy I am to be in my bed with heat, with my cat next to me.

Um, You know, before meetings, when I get super stressed, um, Before workouts when I’m warming up. And I’m like doing my like warmup sequence, you know, I’m setting my intention.

Um, for my workout and.

I think that’s like, what breathing brings us to is like the present moment.

being present in yourself, bringing intention to what we’re doing, because.

As humans, we’re always thinking about the next it’s like, okay, well, after this.

then I have to do this. And then like, while we’re grocery shopping, we’re like, okay, I have. I have.

to run this era next and we tend to lose these little moments in life that make life so spectacular. So I think when we drop into the present, when we focus on our breathing, when we focus on.

You know, just that present moment. It just allows us to like shed The noise that’s around us.

constantly. Yeah. and that leads to healthy eating habits.

Kim Flynn: I love that. Love, that. Love that. So if we were to drop into the present right now for the next 15 seconds, how would you tell people to do that?

Sonnee Hoppe: Well, first of all, so I’ll just talk you through.

us. So I want you to be seated or standing if you’re seated feet on the ground. Back up chest open.

And you just close your eyes and we do like a three I do like 3, 3, 3 breathing. So you inhale first three. So we go inhale. One. Too. Three you hold it.

And then, slow exhale one.

two. Very, we hold it. Do that one more time. Inhale.

1, 2, 3, hold it.

Long exhale.

One to. Three.

Hold it.

Kim Flynn: I love it. And here we are.

Here we

Sonnee Hoppe: we are.

Kim Flynn: and peaceful. And in the moment.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yes, ma’am.

Kim Flynn: Let’s jump into, um, Your message. So you talked about, um, we don’t do extreme things. It’s just the simple, the simplicity. Of day-to-day. Um, long-term habits versus the quick fix. If you had one message. That you wanted to like implant into the brains of every listener here. What would that message be?

Sonnee Hoppe: I mean, I think you’ve said it a few times. Like, Health doesn’t have to be complex. Health is very simple. It’s doing. The simple, easy, boring stuff. But doing it every day.

It’s. Making sure you’re hydrated.

Making sure you’re sleeping well, and you’re waking up.


You’re removing.

Kim Flynn: At

Sonnee Hoppe: point.

for exercise every day.

Kim Flynn: We’re

Sonnee Hoppe: our bodies food. That’s good for us.

And we’re also feeding our brains for healthy eating habits. You.

You know, whether it’s.

through what I was talking about with meditating or reading or going out with your friend that makes you laugh so hard that you’re like curled up in a ball, crying on the ground.

But cut just from tears of joy. But you know, the interesting thing is like,

Like we go after this, like quick.

fix, because like a, we want the instant gratification instead of developing healthy eating habits.. And be it sexy to be like, sir, you. You know, some would be like, oh my God, can you look so great? You know, like, let me tell you what I did for the last 12 weeks.

That’s it adds to that and you’re like boastful. Right. But then like I’m sure you fucking hated your life when you were doing it, you were like, oh my God.

I like you were hungry. You were tired.

You know, you were like dreading the gym and all of that and like,

when people are just like, oh, like, all I have to do is like drink water.

And eat well and stop eating when I’m feeling full and like laugh.

and move.

Like, it’s not sexy, but it stay on effective. And like the simple is what makes us succeed when we go into complexity. That’s when we start to derail ourselves.

Kim Flynn: I love that. Let’s talk about that complexity thing. It’s almost like as humans we want. Uh, we want like the sophisticated system or something to follow because we don’t quite trust ourselves. We don’t realize we need to develop healthy eating habits.Like we don’t trust ourselves to say, do I, do I like going to the gym? And if you don’t, maybe we should choose something different, you know?

Instead, we’re like, no, I need to follow this exact process and this exact system. And we trust, uh, people outside of ourselves.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And, you know,

Like one of the things that I’m really working to do within like the health and fitness community: teaching healthy eating habits.Is like.

To show people that like,

it’s Simplicity it’s all about simplicity.

Like it’s all about doing these really boring.

like habits. Like some of these things.

I get my clients to do. They’re like, that’s it. That’s all I have to do. And they’re like, wait. Is there more to develop healthy eating habits?

She might be macro counting. Should I be weighing all my food? Like when should I be eating protein? And I’m like, well, hold up. Like, are you even like eating protein? And they’re like, no, when should I eat it? I’m.

Step one.

eat the protein.

Right. Step two. Then we can get into complexity, but like, as humans, like I think we think that like being healthy is like,

some magical ominous thing. That’s like really hard to achieve because like,

I think we’re just conditioned like, and it might be the American way. I need to develop healthy eating habits become a chore.

I don’t know I’m going off on a little tangent here, but like that, like,

Anything worth having has to be hard. Like There has to be some like magic, like 14 day water fast, or like,

Two days in the gym, You know, or like the celery detox and like the grapefruit diet, like, do you remember that?

Or all you ate was salary and grapefruit. I.

Ill so gross.

They’re good, but not every day, all day. You need to develop actual healthy eating habits.Yeah.

And I just think that, like, we just have the tendency to like overwork things.


The fact of the matter is that like simple, isn’t sexy.

and like diet, culture, and health culture out there. Like they need that stick. They need that fat. So they make it really convoluted.

Kim Flynn: Uh, everything with value has to be hard.

I think we hold that as Americans. I don’t know. Cause I am an American outside of the country, but we definitely hold that for health. I think we also held that for business. It must be difficult. We must push. We need to force healthy eating habits.Uh, even relationships, I must carry this relationship. Like we w we want to do this hard, hard work.

When actually it’s, it can be really simple and, and, uh, and just requires listening, listening

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah.

Kim Flynn: ourselves, listening to our lives.

Talk to me about

Sonnee Hoppe: Thank you.

Kim Flynn: Sonny, where did you get started? Have you always been a fit? And is that always been a priority in your life? What was your journey?

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah. Yeah.



and no. So. So, I mean, I grew up playing sports. Um, I grew up athletic. You can’t tell cause I’m sitting, but you know, I’m, I’m five, 10, I’m tall and Lena.

I might play soccer, volleyball that I was really blessed to be raised in a household that naturally had healthy eating habits..

um, with fit and healthy parents.

Um, I already right out of the bat, I was already teed up to, to prioritize my health.

Um, we didn’t have sugary foods in the house. We didn’t have sugary sodas. You know, my parents.

You know, we’re well off, like.

We could afford good vegetables and all of that.

And I grew up playing tennis and soccer. So I grew up in an active family. So I already had that like, Proverbial like silver spoon of health in my mouse.

You know, so like already all of these barriers that I think a lot of people face that.

like were just brought into this world of like having, you know, parents or siblings that smoke or, you know, like. Only being able to afford like certain foods. I already realized that like,

I was already set up for health, you know? Um, and I grew up in the eighties. I grew up, you know, in 40 years old. I grew up in the era of. Fe, you know, airbrush painted. You know, The only picture of beauty is like slim and slender. And so I held myself up to that standard. And college.

I took a federal, you.

know, I took that diet pill. Ephedra I was always looking for that quick fix instead of slowly developing healthy eating habits.

I always worked out.

um, you know, almost to the point where I did a little bit of like barter mint with myself.

of like, oh, okay. Like if you spend two hours in the gym today,

Then you can go out and enjoy your pizza.

Um, you know, to a little bit of that, like,

You know, there’s like exercise, beliefs. Right to where.

like you eat and then you’re like, okay, well that cupcake was 200 calories.

So now I’m going to work out for 200 calories. So I definitely like chased that fat and not culture. Um, you know, up until probably like, I’ll be really honest. Like I was reflecting last night.

But probably the last three to five years.


Kim Flynn: Uh,

Sonnee Hoppe: looking for that quick fix reading that. 14 day water diet or the celery cleanse, or, um, do you remember like the skinny detox teas where it’s like, all you have to do is drink this tea.

Right. I chased that I did the, um,

colonics. I’m like, oh, like I’m going to do detoxing and I’m going to get clients like.

That’s going to get me good or like,

the pads that you put on the bottom of your feet that are supposed to remove toxins. Like I was always looking for that like quick hit through.

Diet pills or through Atkins. And you know, what ended up happening is like, I get hit with this like suite of motivation.

And like, I’d be riding high on my motivation and I’d be like holding myself up to these standards that.

like, Quite honestly, I would never hold any of my clients up to like,

this heroic, unrealistic perfection.

And like, I looked good, but I fucking hated my life. Like.

I would eat.

Kim Flynn: like,

Sonnee Hoppe: I would eat by myself. Like I would eat before going out with friends. So that way, like I could be good in front of friends. And like, it turned into like a little bit of like, This like inner like darkness, I guess. Cause.

Kim Flynn: cause you know, I was just always like chasing after things.

Sonnee Hoppe: And then I would say about five years ago, I got really into like self coaching life coaching health coaching. And about like,

God, like, I just want to be happy. Like I want to be happy with my food choices. I want to work out because I want to, not just because I know what’s good for me. I want to find enjoyment in it.

And that’s when I started exploring.

And like Kim, you said before about like,

You know, people feeling like they have to go to the gym.

It’s like, well, no, like any type of movement that moves your body, that you find enjoyment, like dancing your living room.

Like do yard work.

you know, like go run up the sand dunes if you want to. Um, and so I really started like, exploring, like, what do. Iowa. What do I love? What type of foods?

Give me the energy that I need. Um, that’s when, you know, I started meditating and coaching myself and realizing that like,

Kim Flynn: There

Sonnee Hoppe: no like,

magic pill. There is no like complex, like macro counting to this, to that. It really is like,

the boring shit.

That we just have to do it every day. Like you look at Michael Phelps and you look at Oprah and you look at Barack Obama and these people that are at the top of their game.

And you ask them, like, what are you doing? Like when you really layered down to it, like they’re doing.

Really boring, simple stuff.

but every single day,

Every day.

until it becomes just automated. Um,

Yeah. And that’s a really long-winded answer to your question, but. Yeah, that’s my dream. Like I went into, I went into some really like dark.

Places. And I did the whole, like, you know, I was single for a really long time of my life and I was like, oh, Well, Lovell find me when I have a six pack.

Like what the fuck? Like. Level find me when I have a six pack. Like, are you kidding me?

Kim Flynn: Like.

Sonnee Hoppe: well, I’ll be desirable when I can wear whatever I want and like show off my midriff and it, and like I found love with someone else when I fell in love with myself. And I was like, no, like, I love myself exactly how I am is exactly how I am as exactly who I’m supposed to be right now. And so like,

Yeah, it’s been, it’s been an interesting.

Rollercoaster for sure. Oh like us professionals, like we don’t have it figured out we still have our struggles for sure. And anyone that tells you that they haven’t figured out.

Big fat liar.

Kim Flynn: So, so many good things in here. Let me, let me go through some of these. You talked about chasing. Um, so here you are this person who grew up. Uh, you look incredibly fit now. You’ve never lost 50 pounds or a hundred pounds or whatever else. Like you’ve always been fit. And it’s so interesting to me.

That, whether you are thin. And. Uh, muscular or whether you are not then, and not muscular, the exact same brain principles are taking place. There we are chasing something. Um, will you talk to me more about what are we chasing when we try extreme diets? Whether we need to lose weight, whether we don’t need to lose weight.

Whether we’re incredible shape or not, the same problem is happening. We’re all taking the same drug. What are we chasing? Sunny?

Sonnee Hoppe: You know, I think. Our primitive brain is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

So I think anything that we do when we really drill down to it, like we’re chasing more pleasure. We’re chasing that next.

high, that next shiny object. Like I did a training with Tony Robbins. We were talking about like, Think about like the last goal that you had and like, When you achieve that goal and like when you were thinking about it, like, okay, when I do this, I will be happy.

And then the happiness in your mind, you’re like, oh my God, like, it’s going to be the best date.

ever. Like it’s going to be my birthday every day. Now think about when you actually achieved that goal. What happened? How long were you actually happy?

And like all of his research showed that people were actually living in that happiness for like,

four hours. And then it was like onto the next thing. And I really think it’s because like, we’re always looking to the next, we’re always looking to the future.

And not realizing that like we have everything we need right now in our lives to make ourselves happy. A hundred percent. There’s um, so a book, um,

Oh, my God. I’m forgetting the name of it.

but there’s a quote in it. And it’s an old school book. And all he said, oh, the way of the peaceful warrior. If you haven’t read it. Read it, it is an amazing book. And his quote is where are we? We’re here.

When are we.

we’re now?

And until we can live in the here and the now we will always be chasing that next happiness, that next sight, shiny object.

Kim Flynn: And, and everyone has that different, different hire, different drug of choice. Right? Um, for a lot of people, it is chasing. Health in air quotes, right? It’s it’s having the perfect model figure. And what’s the ultimate irony to me is when people actually have the ultimate model figure. Uh, is oftentimes when they’re the least happy.

Um, it’s it’s there. They become so obsessed. And they’re looking for this body to fix their happiness. Uh, that when they get there, they’re like, oh, they’re, they’re even more obsessed. So I like the high that we’re chasing and, and to really look and say, okay, when I obsess about, oh, my stomach needs to look a certain way, my, I need to have a six pack or whatever it is for you.

Um, to ask yourself, what am I chasing right now? Um,

Sonnee Hoppe: Um,

Kim Flynn: I also liked that you asked what do I want? Um, What do I want? I’ve been asking myself that this holiday season. Uh, as there’s been there have been so many. Just complete junk food everywhere. And that’s usually not, we not what we have in our household. And I’m usually not super attempted by sweets, but when it’s right there in front of you, 24 7 for like two weeks straight,

Uh, you have to start asking yourself questions. And so instead of incident, for me saying denied, denied, denied, and I can’t, I can’t. Uh, I asked myself, what do I want? And I was like, oh, I think I want to, uh, eat more sweets than I normally do and not feel guilty about that. So I’m just going to go ahead and, and do that.

It feels really good. What do I want, what do I want, what do I want in my food? What do I want in my exercise? What do I want? I love that. Yeah. Um, let’s go on. Oh, go ahead.

Sonnee Hoppe: I was gonna, I was gonna say if I were to coach you through that. So like I’ve coached a lot of my clients through this.

So like there’s a few things, right. Like number one, I would say like, just avoid the temptation altogether. Like if you have control of the foods you bring into your house,

And you know that you can’t control yourself around cookies, like just don’t bring the cookies into that.

house, Right. Like level one, but what are the tactics that I use with my clients where it’s like,

oh my goodness, like this food is presenting itself. Or like, whatever it is.

Kim Flynn: it’s literally ringing the doorbell every night. As neighbors deliver food, which is so kind.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, so what I do with my clients, I have like a really simple, like three-step question.

It’s like, so you ask yourself like eight, like what.

do I want? Right. And you might be like, I want to eat the damn cookie. And then you go, how will I feel while I’m eating the cookie?

You go, wow. I’m going to feel really.

Happy I’m going to enjoy it.

I’m going to eat it slowly.

How will I feel after I’m eating.

the cookie and it’s like, I’m going to feel good because I’m going to allow myself to eat one cookie. And then I’m done.

Kim Flynn: So

Sonnee Hoppe: you’re like, okay, can you hook it cookie? If your answers are. Well, I want to eat the cookie because it’s there. How I’m G how will I feel while I’m eating it? And you’re like, well, I’m going to feel like a piece of shit, because I know I’m going off my diet.

How will I feel five minutes after I’m going to beat myself up about it.

Right. Then, you know, that there’s something going on in your head. So it’s like just simple three steps, like.

what do I want now? How will I feel during, how will I feel? Five minutes, one hour the next day after.

And if you can control your mind through that process.

then. You know, really like you can control your mind through any process and you, it really. Gives you a lot of insight into like, how you feel about food or how you feel about exercise or about anything you’re experiencing.

Kim Flynn: Oh, so interesting. Uh, and so it let’s say I’m debating. Should I go to the gym today or not? Um, I asked myself, what do I want? I don’t want to go to the gym. How will I, how do I feel about it right now? I feel kind of disappointed in myself.

And how will I feel after I’ll be like regretting that I made that choice because then I’ll have to go the next day and I’d like to go every other day. So that’s nice. Those three questions really work. I’m like, oh yeah, I need to get to the gym.

I like that. All right.

Some wrap-up questions for you that are kind of odd.

Uh, what do you think you should enjoy that you don’t.

Sonnee Hoppe: Like in life.

Kim Flynn: You can take it any direction you want to, what do you think you should enjoy that you don’t. And exercise and fitness and eating in life.

Sonnee Hoppe: Hm.

well, I mean, there are certain, like, I don’t understand star wars and star Trek.

and I go on trail and everybody likes cilantro. Um, what do I think I should enjoy that? I don’t. You don’t. I’ll be really honest. I thought I should enjoy like a lit any type of exercise. I thought I should love Olympic lifting and heavy strength training. And I set a goal for myself to like, I’m going to deadlift like three times my max weight, like three times my body weight, because I thought that’s like, what I should do.

And I just don’t like, I like working out really hard and moving my body and like feeling fed.

Kim Flynn: No need for Olympic weightlifting, then.

Sonnee Hoppe: I was like, I should, I. I should really enjoy lifting heavy cause I have my clients lift. But only my clients that enjoy lifting heavy. And I was like, but I should enjoy.

And I just don’t.

I’m like, eh,

Kim Flynn: interesting, interesting. All right. Similar question then. Uh, what do you think you should believe that you don’t. Uh, in the interest in the health and wellness industry.

I’m just throwing these at you with no prep here.

Sonnee Hoppe: I know I’m looking out my window for inspiration.

What do I say it again.

What do I think I should.

That I don’t. I’ll get all my squat box. I think that fitness industry is trying to make you believe that being fit is really hard and being healthy is really hard and it’s not. It’s very simple.

Kim Flynn: You

Sonnee Hoppe: have to buy programs.

You don’t have to buy gym memberships. It’s free for everyone.

Kim Flynn: That’s really powerful. That’s really powerful.

We’re going to wrap it up on that powerful note of simplicity over complexity. Uh, we have two giveaways today. We got to get away from our sponsor card salad. When you go to habits for Uh, you can sign up for a free seven day eat real foods challenge, which is essentially seven days of recipes, a done for you shopping list. All your meal planning is done for you in one week. So go to habits for to find out for that.

Find out or to get that. And then, uh, for sunny, she has a digital download for you. It’s called seven days to reignite your health. You’re going to go to sunny Blake fitness. It’s S U N N E. Sunny. Blake Um, and you’ll find that there, and that you’re also find that in the show notes, whether you’re watching this or watching this on YouTube or listening to this on any of our podcast stations, you can find all these links in the show notes. Sonny, will you talk to us more about the seven days to reignite your health?

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah, it’s really cool because it goes hand in hand with your seven day.

eat real food.

Things. so it really is like a seven day, like.

Healthy living reset. So in the beginning of the podcast,

I talked about five simple.

habits that if we can stay hydrated,

If we get proper sleep hygiene, if we utilize exercises, move movement is exercise every day.

If we eat real foods to nourish our bodies.

And, if we do something to feed our mind, if we can hone in on those five habits every single day, that is the foundation.

to living our optimal, healthy life.

Um, and so it’s a seven day guided.

um, reset.

to where, um, you know, you go to my website, it’s a PDF download. I have videos that talk you through a lot of the days. And it’s really designed to like reassess your life and reassess where you are, right. This moment.

I Find the bright spots, find the things that like, oh wow. Like a lot of people are like, I had no idea that I was like, doing three of these habits without even realizing it.

And then it’s also designed to help you figure out like what your next goal should be.

Um, you know, if eating nutrition, like eating real foods, you know?

Minimally processed whole foods every day is really a tough challenge for you then maybe that’s your next area that you focus on? Um,

And I’ve done this.

in 30 day challenges and 60 day challenges and the results are.



Um, so this is just like a small section, a small little.

um, but to really just show you like. What are your bright spots? Where are the opportunities?

And then I educate you the entire way.

Um, I believe, you know, I have 18 years experience. I have, I counted, I have 15 certifications.

Um, and I believe that health is a right that everybody has. And so I really aim to educate people every single day on things that they can do right then and there to make themselves.

Um, you know,

the healthiest versions of themselves.

Kim Flynn: I love it I love it. I feel the passion for you in there. That’s it comes from a very genuine place in a very. Uh, enthusiastic place, which I love too. Uh, I have here in my notes that the seven day plan can be used as a recovery week from a week of debauchery in Cabo. So that’s

Sonnee Hoppe: Ah, yep.

Kim Flynn: Or a week of holiday eating.

Sonnee Hoppe: Yeah. Yeah. Perfect.

Kim Flynn: love that. So again, go to sunny Blake and it’s S U N N E sunny, Blake Thank you, Sonny you for joining us. Love that conversation. I love getting to know you as a person. Uh, you, you, do, you have a great energy about you? Thank you to our listeners as well. This is habits for humans. The podcast that teaches you how to program your brain to maximize your potential. Thank you in advance for giving us a positive review. Thanks everyone.