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Do Affirmations Work? The Power of Words: Dr. Pam Adams | Habits for Humans

In this podcast Dr. Pam Adams explains how she has learned through her counseling as well as her personal experience the importance of self-care and affirmations in a person’s well-being and success.

Cultivating Creative Outlets: Jeanne Gomm | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, master artist Jeanne Gomm explains how having a creative outlet can be healing and increase your productivity. She teaches through personal experience how to play to your strengths.

Mastering Work Home Balance: Jeremy Williams | Habits for Humans

In this episode of Habits for Humans with Pamela Henrie, author and business coach Jeremy Williams teaches a simple framework for mastering work home balance. He explains how your simple, consistent routines make all the difference.

Failure to Success Story: Chad Hyams | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, author and speaker Chad Hyams tells us how he failed his way to success by honing his mindset. He is referred to as the voice of reason because of his ability to tell it like it is and to make complicated things simple. Chad explains how to improve your mindset to improve your productivity.

Embracing Work Home Balance: Hena Chowdhury | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Hena Chowdhury tells us how she balances taking care of her home and family while getting her master’s degree and working for a charity. She explains how to water and nurture each area of life while embracing the challenges.

How to Prioritize Tasks and Get More Done : Heather Gibson | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, mother and business owner Heather Gibson tells us how she balances a family with special needs kids and a meaningful career. She is a breeder specializing in emotional support animals. She tells through personal experience how support animals can help you through trauma.

Daily Habits to Improve Life : Pamela Henrie | Habits for Humans

“Do you want to incorporate positive habits that will help you become your best self? Habits that are automatic, so you don’t have to keep struggling with the same goals over and over?
In today’s podcast we talk about why routines and habits are so important, why we struggle to incorporate positive habits, and how to overcome this struggle and create positive habits that help you become your best self.”

Can the Gym Cure Depression : Rachel Rampton | Habits for Humans

Rachel shares her story of how she had it all including the house, the car, the boat, the marriage, the business, and then lost it all. She realized she was off path, and life helped her wipe the slate clean in order to rebuild from a place of gratitude and humility. Listen to this podcast to learn how Rachel used fitness and movement to rebuild an epic life with passion and purpose.

Smart Health Goals : Will Fuller | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Will Fuller takes us through the 3 steps to treat your health like your money management: your 401K Health plan. FIrst, determine what your goals are, then create your dream health portfolio, then build habits in place to achieve your goals. If you like step by step, actionable plans, this podcast is a must listen.

Urine Therapy : Cate Stillman | Habits for Humans

Urine therapy–yep. It’s exactly what you think it is–using your pee as medicine. And the surprising this is it is backed by science. Listen to Cate Stillman discuss why she uses her urine as therapy, the research that supports its use, and how to use urine for skin problems and more. Cate will teach us the principle of “rewilding,” which is listening to our own intuition when it comes to our body and our health.