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Orthorexia: When Health is your Heroin | Laura Cragan | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, Laura Cragun tells her vulnerable and powerful story of overcoming body dysmorphia, orthorexia, and binge eating. She didn’t realize how sick she was until she checked into a treatment center and realized that dieting and perfectionism can be as powerful as heroin. Laura now teaches principles of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition to her clients.

Mindvalley Wildfit: Burn Fat Instead of Carbs | Temy Taylor | Habits for Humans

Temy Taylor explains in this podcast how we evolved as humans to have two functions in our pancreas: burning carbs and burning fat. Because we no longer have seasonal cycles of eating in our modern lifestyle, unless we are aware, we only burn carbs. Temy takes us through the process of training our body slowly through habits to turn on the fat burning function of our pancreas.

Work and Life Balance: Carmen Ray | Habits for Humans

In this podcast, the lovely Carmen Ray explores how to take care of ourselves as business owners through the 6 areas of our lives: SPICES. Grace is the most important guiding principle. There is no failure in business, only gifts. Loss is your training ground.

How to Stop Binging and Purging | Elise Webb | Habits for Humans

Elise Webb overcame anorexia and a binge eating disorder after ten years of struggle with one impactful insight: you are not your thoughts. In this podcast Elise walks us through her journey of recovery, and explains how to practice “compassionate discipline” and how to manage difficult emotions without numbing through food.

Creating Nutritional Habits: Robbie Hall | Habits for Humans

Listen to how personal trainer Robbie Hall went from having a 0% success rate giving his clients prescribed plans to phenomenol success by having his clients track their own steps. In this podcast, Robbie explains how tracking your sleep, water, food, and movement can be mindfull and joy-filled instead of obsessive. Learn the eight steps of tracking for a simple, enjoyable path to health.

Stress Management Techniques: Dr. Thomas Hemingway | Habits for Humans

We are suffering from a national stress crisis. In this podcast, Dr Thomas Hemingway explains how an overactive sympathetic nervous system can cause us to feel on edge, anxious, and easily triggered. The good news is the negative effects from stress can be prevented by simply being proactive, and implementing a few simple habits.

Work and Life Balance: Leticia Benning | Habits for Humans with Pamela Henrie

It is important to block off time for what is important to you. When you block off time for your business, and work your business during that time, you can relax and focus on family without always having your business on your mind. It is also important to block out time for yourself. You show up better for others when you take the time necessary for yourself and for your business.

Healthy Eating Habits: Sunnee Hoppe | Habits for Humans

Instead of taking on heroic, perfectionistic feats why dont we start with simple behaviors, executed daily, which set you up for success? In this podcast, Sunnee Hoppe discusses the high of accomplishment that we chase when we buy into diet culture, and how real health is not at all complicated.

How to Set Goals: Pamela Henrie | Habits for Humans

The biggest hurtle of goal setting is often choosing the right goal. In today’s episode we discuss three ways to determine the right goals for you right now as well as some reasons goals often fail and a few tips to help you tackle your goals.

Be your Best Self Through Reflection: Pamela Henrie | Habits for Humans

We all want to experience more peace and joy in our lives. Awareness and reflection are the first steps in getting in tune with our best selves, of discovering what we truly value, allowing us to cut what doesn’t fit and make room for positive habits and activities that bring us joy.