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In this episode of Habits for Humans with Pamela Henrie, we discuss how It is important to block off time for what is important to you. When you block off time for your business, and work your business during that time, you can relax and focus on family without always having your business on your mind. It is also important to block out time for yourself. You show up better for others when you take the time necessary for yourself and for your business.

Welcome to Habits for Humans, the show that explores how to program your brain to maximize your potential. The goal of this podcast is to teach you how to instill systems and habits to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.

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Pamela Henrie: Hi, and welcome to habits for humans, the podcast that explores and what makes people tick and how to program this brain of ours. Too. Through D habits, we’re going to explore work and life balance, and how and why we sometimes can rocket and some areas of our life. While in other areas, we just really struggle. If we want to be happy and healthy, what is the secret to programming our brain to maximize our potential?

Today. I’m so excited. We have a fabulous guest, Leticia who is a mom rocking a side hustle, and we’re so excited to hear some of her tips and tricks. At how she manages a family, as well as a side business. I’m your host, Pamela Henry. And today we’re going to talk. Um, about this topic and productivity is our focus and Latisha and Benning is our guest today.

And she will help us with that. But we have several giveaways before we get started. For our listeners. So make sure that you listen to the end so that you get your free giveaways. Um, and we also have a word from our sponsors. So this happened, this episode of habits for humans is brought to you by card salad.

And card salad is a company that provides done for you meal planning. And I know that mill planning sometimes is the toughest part of the day, trying to figure out what you want to eat. And this is a done for you meal planning, where, so that you don’t ever have to just reach for that fast food or Mac and cheese or whatever your go-to quick. Um, maybe not so healthy food choice is.

And it is brought to you by the success choice, a work and life balance company that provides tools to help you filter through the noise of life establish positive routines to find balance order and joy in the journey. All right. I’m so excited to introduce our guests today. Leticia is a young mother of two little boys. She has a thriving cello studio that has been helped along by the pandemic.

So it’s one of those businesses that was helped by the pandemic, which is awesome. We love to hear those success stories. And she just launched her first book base clap black belt. So I’m excited. To introduce Latisha. Um, Welcome. So excited to have you here. First of all.

Thank you. First of all, um, I want to know, tell me, what is your business that you’re doing? What is your side hustle that you are doing?

Leticia Benning: Right. So I haven’t cello studio. Um, that’s mostly online.

And. Um, So I just teach in my home. And

that’s, I

mean, it’s really just part-time. And then I have been writing music theory.

Pamela Henrie: Uh, so, so you do it through zoom. Is that how you do your lessons?

Leticia Benning: Um,

platform called wiser.

Pamela Henrie: Okay. Awesome. And you have two little boys. Is that correct?

Leticia Benning: Yes. Um, the oldest just turned three. On new year’s Eve. And then I have a baby who’s six months old now.

Pamela Henrie: Awesome. So anyone who is a parent, you know, that having a toddler and a baby is no simple feat in itself. So having a side business with two small children. I know that there are people listening that either want to do something like that, or are struggling to try to do something like that, to fit in a side business with a family.

Tell me. Some tips. How, tell me a little bit about your routine and how you fit in a side business with two small children.

Leticia Benning: Definitely.

Um, so when I’m


my husband’s in grad



he’s not much help.

He’s very

busy. Um, but

while I’m teaching.

They go to.

To a


house. Who. We pay her, but not as much

as like childcare

with. With cost.

So that’s very helpful.

So they’re over there four hours in

the evening.

Well, I teach.

And I just try and get everything done in those four hours.

And if a student cancels.

Which happens probably

every week.

Then that’s the time to do all the extra



That comes up. Um, I have to play in recitals and.

as soon as I write out music for students


things like

that, so I just try and keep all of it in those four hours.

So that.

I’m available the whole rest of the day.


From my little voice.

Pamela Henrie: So you block off time on your calendar for work and life balance. So you you’ve decided in advance when your work time is, it’s four hours in the evening and you say, so you blocked off time on your schedule. So I think that is. The key part is to make your business a business. Right? You’ve got to block off that time your schedule and for you, you’ve made arrangements to have someone else watch her children during that time.

Which is awesome. I know, um, when I was a young mother and I lived, uh, back east and I wasn’t close to any family. I did some time trades with some friends, you know, so I would watch their kids for the certain amount of time and they would watch my kids for a certain amount of time. And so, um, that’s another option if money is tight for daycare, but if you can afford, um, to hire someone that is awesome.

That’s great. Um, so. Tell me about, um, a little bit about the, the balance part of it. How do you fit in time for yourself? Even with, uh, I know that you’re a runner. And how do you fit in time for yourself besides a business and children?

Leticia Benning: Yeah.


I just

ran a marathon.

last weekend.

So it has been kind of high. To find time to run that

much. Um,

But I mostly, I run. Early in the morning.

Um, so I



it before the kids wake up


before my

husband leaves for school.


but then sometimes. Um,

My husband

has helped a lot.


to watch the

kids when I’m doing


Really long runs. So I do have a good support system.

but sometimes you have to sacrifice some sleep.

Pamela Henrie: Okay. Yeah. So you have to prioritize a little bit, so you’re prioritizing running. Because what? So, in fact, this reminds me that I forgot to ask about work and life balance. We usually ask what is a number, the one number one habit that helps you to manage your own mental wellness. That helps you man, Hanish. I manage the stresses of life is running that for you or is there something else that is, that helps you manage your stress?

Leticia Benning: Oh, I think running is that.

Yeah, I really love it.

And not only is it healthy, but I feel like I’m getting me time.

And I

get a couple hours. I’m not thinking about kids or even work. Anybody else into a podcast. And just.

Just enjoy myself.

Pamela Henrie: Yeah, that’s awesome. Because the rest of your day is pretty solid. I would imagine. Right.


So, you know, if you don’t prioritize that time, it’s not going to happen. Right.

Leticia Benning: Definitely.

Can Definitely.


Pamela Henrie: The way. Yeah, for sure. I know if I don’t work out in the morning, I will always will have the best intentions and think, you know, I’m busy this morning. I’m going to work out later and never happens with work and life balance. So if I don’t work out in the morning, it doesn’t happen. So. Um, I think that’s important. So you’re prioritizing and scheduling and blocking off time in the morning for yourself and you’re prioritizing and scheduling and blocking off time for your business in the evening. Is that correct?

And then the rest of the time is kids. Right.

Leticia Benning: Yes. And then when they take a nap, That’s when I work on writing. The


Pamela Henrie: the buck. Okay, awesome. So nap time is writing time.

Leticia Benning: Yes.

Pamela Henrie: Um, that, so tell me, how did you get started teaching cello?

Leticia Benning: Well,

I’ve taken music lessons. My whole life. And then I got my bachelor’s degree in music education. Um, but I really enjoy teaching. One-on-one so.

I’d much rather be in a private studio. Working with these students who really care

about the instrument and have

these goals that I get to


them achieve.

And this one on one

time. So I think it’s.

just the

dream job.

I get to

talk about my


thing, which


the cello. And get paid for it.

Pamela Henrie: Awesome. Yeah, that’s ideal. When you can work in your dream. Passion. That is the dream of most people. As to be able to work in their dream passion to achieve work and life balance. So tell me, how did this book come about? What made you decide to write this book and tell us a little bit about your book.

Leticia Benning: So it is.


based cleft




subtitle a book of not

reading games.

So it was all about naming the notes on the base class. And it’s for any. Anyone who plays. An instrument or sings. And reach the base class. Um, I have students.

As a

number of students who have come to


who are already pretty advanced.


really struggled to

read the notes

or maybe

they can even play the

notes, but they

can’t name the notes. and


Crippling. Um, for them. So.


some books

out there mostly for piano



there isn’t anything

like for cello

students or just kind of

for everybody.

So I wanted to make that.

And I make



appropriate for my students. You


do it if you’re at a middle

school or high school or upper elementary.

or even an


Make it.

Um, engaging.

Um, karate.


I really.


for my


And then anyone

else who

can use it?

Pamela Henrie: So you saw a need. Because you couldn’t find anything out there too. Lead your child, your students too. Is that what I’m hearing?

Leticia Benning: Yes.

I know exactly what

Pamela Henrie: what I want and it, Yeah, it

And it wasn’t available. You knew what you wanted. Do you know what your students needed? And so you couldn’t find it out there, so you created it. So that is the, the. Essence of an entrepreneur, right there is seeing a need. And filling that need. So you blocked off time. I would guess. So it was when your children were napping and then anytime that, uh,

There was a cancellation and your kids were already at babysitting to get work and life balance. You still blocked off that time for your work. And then you would work on your book then as well as your lesson plans and things like that. Is that correct?

Leticia Benning: Yes. Not Tim is kind of tricky because sometimes they don’t take a nap.

So it has to be kind of flexible I’m like.

well, it didn’t happen today. I’ll probably happen tomorrow. It’s okay.

And just

kind of keep




Pamela Henrie: Yeah. So that writing your book as flexible, having your students as not flexible, somebody schedules. So for me, um, having a business. It helps me when I have some external deadlines or other people counting on me for something. To really, um, Almost forced myself to block off that time. Right. So if you can set up, um, those of you who are trying to rock a side hustle like Leticia is, um,

If you can set up things where people are counting on you. Uh, that helps you to prioritize it. If you have a hard time, prioritizing it yourself. And, um, if you have children, if you can get help with the children during that specific time and make your business a priority during that time, but the majority of your time.

Your children are your priority? Is that.

Right. Yeah.

So Yes.

the majority of the time. She’s right there and she’s fully engaged in our children. And I would guess you’re able to be more fully engaged with your children. Because you have time blocked off for your business. Um, I know a lot of times when people don’t have time blocked off for their business, it’s always on their mind. know, they’re constantly thinking I need to be doing this little thing, that little thing. so they feel like they can’t be fully present with their family. Um, because.

They’re always trying to find those few little moments here and there to fit in their business and have work and life balance. As opposed to having a specific time blocked off. So you can relax about it, right. And, and just focus on your family.

Leticia Benning: Yeah.

And I

think it

makes me a better



I have


time away.


then when I see my kids, I’m


to, I’m excited to

see them again.


Um, We get to

have more fun because I’m not





doing one thing.

Pamela Henrie: Yeah, I agree. Yeah. And you’re getting that running time in the morning. So you don’t feel deprived. So to speak, you know, of your own personal needs. I think. That’s not selfish at all. You know, some mothers just feel like, oh, if I spend time on myself, you know, then I’m being selfish. Well, You know, the overused analogy of, you know, you got to fill your own bucket before you haven’t something to give.

Is so absolutely true. Um, that you for sure have so much more to give when you are taking care of yourself. Um, So, let me see if I have, so tell me what advice do you have any other advice or tips for people that are trying to be both parents and. Have a small business.

Leticia Benning: Yeah. I think. I’m trying to think. You can have it all.

All about prioritizing your time.

Right. But I think you can have it all. Um,


I’m kind of a nerd. I like to read

books about running in my free time.

Um, but this one out here, Corey And Reese says. I think anyone can run ultramarathons for sure.

Very long racist.



they’re willing to



social media

and TV.

So this place, this way, browsers. Hours a day. There’s a lot of time. Um,

and there’s a lot. We can do. If


maybe get one hour less of







spend a

little bit

less time on our


There really is a lot of

opportunity to do


we want. You.

Pamela Henrie: Yeah. And so with that, I think being aware of maybe places. Where time is being wasted, so to speak. Um, Is helpful because I agree that that’s. You know, some people like to unwind with a show at night or something, but then they’re tired. And so that one show will drag into two shows and three shows and, you know, just because you’re on the couch already and you’re just.

You know, if you don’t have that time blocked off for something specific. You know, a lot of time can be wasted. So. Just being intentional is what I’m hearing you say, just being intentional about what you’re putting into your day instead of just mindlessly. Scrolling through your phone or, or, uh, watching TV.

Yeah. Awesome. Um, Let’s see.

If I have anything else.

Okay. So, um, any other tips or daily routine things that you would recommend? Um, Any routines or habits that you would. Um, Suggest that’s helped you other than time blocking.

Leticia Benning: Um,

that’s all I can think of.

Pamela Henrie: all right, well, and that is a critical one. I really think that that’s probably the most important is, is prioritizing. That. So. Um, and I didn’t thank you in the beginning for taking this time to, uh, be a part of this podcast. Cause I know your schedule is super busy and I’m so happy to have you here and to be able to share your wise.

Advice, um, to. Business owners. Um, entrepreneurs. So awesome. So that may.

Um, All right. So, well, thank you so much for joining us and thank you listeners for joining us. Um, in this habits for humans, a podcast that teaches you how to build an amazing life by developing intentional habits. we remember to check our show notes for your free gifts and thank you in advance for giving us a positive review.

I know that, um, There’s some discounts as well as some free cards too, for your card salad that you can get. When you check into this habits for humans. And in the show links, there will be a link to Leticia’s book. So if you want to check out her book, um, remind us Leticia of the name of your book again.

Leticia Benning: Based class black belt.

Pamela Henrie: Bass club back, black belt. It’s on Amazon currently. And it is not expensive. It is, um, very reasonable price and, um, I really must have I’m sure for those who wanting to, um, develop their theory in the base cleft. So, again, thank you so much Leticia for joining us. And I hope that you check out her book on Amazon and we will see you next time. And this habits for humans podcast have a wonderful day.

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