Work and Life Balance: Carmen Ray | Habits for Humans

Work and Life Balance: Carmen Ray | Habits for Humans


In this episode of Habits for Humans with Kim Flynn, we discuss work and life balance and how to take care of ourselves as business owners through the 6 areas of our lives: SPICES. Grace is the most important guiding principle. There is no failure in business, only gifts. Loss is your training ground.

Welcome to Habits for Humans, the show that explores how to program your brain to maximize your potential. The goal of this podcast is to teach you how to instill systems and habits to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.

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Kim Flynn is a best-selling author, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures. She is the CEO of Card Salad, a health and wellness company that provides organizational products to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life. Kim is a frequent guest expert in systems and habits on podcasts, television and radio shows.

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Hi, and welcome to habits for humans. The podcast that explores what makes people tick and how to program this brain of ours to do what we actually want it to do. I’m your host, Kim Flynn. And today we’re going to talk to Carmen Ray, the lovely Carmen Ray, and talk about balance in life and in business for business owners. 

Uh, I don’t know what it is, but post 2020, it just seems like we haven’t quite as an entire world got on our feet again and now more than ever before, we really recognize the need for mindfulness that need for self care and work and life balance. Uh, the need for recharging or batteries and treating ourselves like we’re actually humans instead of just these robot machines that can just go, go, go. So I love this topic. Carmen’s going to talk to us about the spices of life for women entrepreneurs and go through the. 

The spices acronym. So super excited to get started with that with her as a FYI, we do have giveaways for our listeners at the end. So stay tuned to the end for giveaways. And first a word from our sponsor habits for humans is brought to you by card salad. Uh, health and wellness company that teaches you how to program your brain using systems and habits. 

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Uh, and it is a done for you meal planning system, and it comes with a menu board that you hang on your fridge recipe cards that you swap out, um, a done for you shopping list. So you can just load that onto or whatever your grocery store is. Get those groceries delivered to you. And the whole week of meal planning is done for you. So stay tuned to the end of this podcast. We’ll give you a free week of meal planning delivered to your inbox. So I’m super excited to introduce Carmen to you. Uh, every once in a while you meet someone who is just so highly connected and highly loved. 

Uh, and Carmen is one of those people. Um, uh, I’ve known Carmen for a little bit now and she is, she just loves to share resources with everyone. So I’m so excited to introduce you to her. We always ask our guests to give us a short bio and Carmen gave us a very short bio. You ready for this bio? She is. 

A bestselling author, author. Uh, business mastery coach and a social entrepreneur for over 30 years, enough said, please welcome the lovely Carmen. Oh, yay. So excited to be sharing this tag with you today. Perfect. So, Carmen, welcome. We always start with your number one habits to manage your own mental wellness. So what is a practice that you do on a daily basis just to manage the stress of daily life? 

Yes, my very favorite. Um, don’t to practice is journaling for work and life balance. That’s my very favorite. I have a system in place. Um, that I’ve had for many years, I started journaling. At 16. And, um, Monday through Saturday. I write in my journal at minimum. I write down three things I’m grateful for, but then on Sundays, I reserved that day to literally read my whole journals. 

Oh, that is. Awesome. 

Yeah. So that’s something that I have found to be, um, very healing. And it always keeps me in a place where I’m grounded, not so much about what I’m writing. But it really helps me to see what things have already come to pass as well as how many. Um, things that repeat themselves over the years when you’re not resolved. 

Oh, this is fascinating. Okay. So I’m an avid journal writer as well. Like I could, I could write honestly, Carmen, an hour a day in my journal. No problem. Time would just fly. And I have a whole process. I take myself through with all these different categories and whatever else. So I’m a, I’m a nerd that way. 

It’s like mental processing, emotional processing, all that kind of stuff. But I never go back and read them. I feel like I’m missing out on half of the value. Will you tell us, like, do you read that weeks or do you just go back and choose random ones to read? Or what do you do? Yeah. Yeah, because I have really feel, um, it is important to be spirit land or what to read. 

So I never make a plan. I have like stacks and stacks of journals. And I pick anything randomly and just say, whatever I’m reading today is what I believe is going to be my gift for today. Oh, Yeah. But it’s beautiful. It’s almost like you’re treating yourself like scripture. Like, uh, you know, I have. 

I have learned these things. I have written them down. Why am I not reading them back to myself? I had a huge dumb moment a second ago. Thank you, Carmen. I love that principle. I labs Whitley. Love it. All right. Let’s dive into it. So you have a whole organization that’s dedicated to primarily women entrepreneurs. 

Um, if I’m not mistaken and helping them with work and life balance and mental wellness and just processing and having balance, is that right? That’s right. Okay. You nailed it. I love. Entrepreneurship in its entirety. But we have so identified when we’re really drilling down. Is it that we’re. Um, that we should be serving. 

I just have a real passion for working, not only with women. But women like 45 and up ideally that 50, where we can really take an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Whenever we have, uh, the right support system. The right resources and the right group of women, that’s really willing to do some storytelling. I love it. And so you chose the 40 plus crowd, which I am very much a member of. So I’m feeling that there there’s something that happens. Uh, for me, it was a couple of years ago when I closed the doors of my business. 

Uh, and I didn’t want to, and that was really painful. It really makes you look at, oh my goodness. Okay. I am middle aged. I’m halfway through my life. I have, you know, gutted this out for 20 years, working really, really hard. And then it’s, and then it’s gone and then I just am like, what do I do next? How do I have work and life balance?

And that’s what. And I imagine that most people have some kind of midlife crisis post COVID crisis, post losing your job, your spouse, your whatever it is, crisis. Um, Carmen, how do we get through this? How do we get through it together? And what are your steps? Well, one of the reasons. Um, that I’m so thrilled to be having this conversation with you today is because you are definitely one of those women that gave the gift of sharing your story. So one of the things that I use in my networking is being very intentional on connecting with when the, who are willing to share their stories. 

So it’s not so much about the product and the service that we have, because we can always see competition in that area. But no one can come. Can’t compete with your journey. And your story. So, um, periodically I would just go look you up and I, and I go to you too, and I say your story about transitioning from your other company. See, that’s the gift that we have as women entrepreneurs. 

Oh, whatever we’ve acquired. There’s no losses. There’s absolutely no losses. Because everything that you’ve acquired and, um, managing your family, managing your career, when you decide to become an actor per new, The war or change your entrepreneurial endeavors. This skillset comes with you. So one of the worst things that we can do, and I, and I definitely did this for years is, uh, considered a failure. 

So it took me years after closing. Um, my childcare centers, so many abrupt business mishaps, but not until around. Maybe a good eight years ago. Did was I able to see that those were just gifts. Those that was real training ground and my eyes experience and my skillsets, your skillsets. They are transferable. 

And whatever we decide to do, we can take them off with us and we can still rock it out on an entrepreneurial journey. Well that’s well said, so beautiful. I want to read your own words back to you and, and, and, and do the journaling thing right here. Real time right now. So, Uh, there are no losses with what you have acquired. 

You are not a failure. They were gifts. That was your training ground. Look at you. You’re writing scripture. You’re writing scripture here about work and life balance. All right. So talk to us about the spices and I actually really enjoy that acronym. Uh, those of us in the coaching training space, we always have a bazillion acronyms because it makes things easier to train and easier to understand and easier to remember. 

Uh, but some of them actually pinpoint what it is that you’re trying to say. So I think for me, spices lights me up because I’m like, okay, it’s not about must have balance in my life. It’s like, what do I want? What gives me the juice? What gives me the spice? So I love that. First of all. So tell us about spices. 

Take it away. Okay. Yeah. The spice in the life is something that came, um, To my attention, probably about 20 my. My oldest daughter is total. It’s 26. So about 26 years ago, I was taking a parenting class. And in the parenting class, I was introduced to a concept called the spices of blacks. And so let’s go through the spices so that our listeners can really be able to apply this in their own lives in work and life balance. So the first, as in spices, 

Is your spiritual practice. And what I loved about this because I was at a real transitional spot for my religious kind of thing. I was raised up in a lot of traditional. Uh, doctrine and I was really evolving to non-denominational had more having my own personal relationship. So in spiritual practice, it means whatever that thing is that, you know, that helps you to notice something greater than yourself. 

So it’s your spiritual practice. Is going to drive by the beautiful lake or you see a body of water or you see some beautiful trees and you don’t know how they got there. 

You have never met the person. And they would come there. That’s your spiritual practice and you need to be. Conscious about practicing that more often, then the next letter. We have to stop and discuss every, every single one we’ve got to stop and discuss here. Okay, so you left your, uh, uh, more traditional denomination of, of Christianity I’m guessing and are more open to whatever spirituality means for you. I had a similar journey. So I’m here for here in Utah. I was raised. 

Uh, Mormon and, and left that. Uh, and have had the same thing and here’s what people don’t understand. I’m going to speak. I’m gonna speak for both of us here at Carmen. When you leave a religion, you don’t leave the spirituality behind like the spirituality that you gained from that weight. I have a brilliant quote on this. 

There are no losses. There are no losses to what you have acquired, right? You’re not like you take the good a, that actually did resonate with you there. And, and you for found, find your own practice with work and life balance. There’s a book I Le I read when I was leaving my religion. And it was called, uh, something like finding your own religion. And I was like, yes, you take the things that you like, the rituals that you appreciated in Catholicism or the. 

Uh, the, this music from Christianity, you take those pieces that you love. And, uh, and you form your own anyway. Just want it to resonate with you there and say I’m there with you. All right. So that’s spiritual practice. What’s a spiritual practice. And let me give you an example of a breakthrough to help me to kind of get clarity on where I was. So I had this good friend who was a pastor in a very, um, 

Religious organized religious church. And we were really good friends. We go hang out. I have a cosmopolitan and she have ice water, like, you know, so we, she just accepted me for who I was. She’s missing out. That’s okay. Yeah, 

she was, you know, kind of trying to give me her religious perspective. And I told her, I was like, I’m sorry, I’m just at a point in my life with my personal relationship with my baby. I just cannot subscribe to. People being all of anything. I feel that everybody’s relationship with your spiritual life is personal. 

And she was like, yeah, because you don’t want it by yourself. I’m worshiping. Uh, Buddha. Or in which she said that it was like a trigger for me. Cause I had just seen, um, I contain a Turner’s movie and I don’t remember the name of it right now, but I remember Tina Turner taking the chanting of the Buddha. 

And making it work. So I remember said to her, listen, girl, And the chanting and a little Buddha helped her stop getting her butt whooped. I’m all for the little boy. 

We subscribed to chanting a little Buddhas. Yeah. 

I’m like good. That’s what worked for her. That means she bounced up the deeper. So I’ll always remember that conversation. When I think about my spiritual transition. So the next letter is P for. The physical. Isn’t one that I really had a lot of guilt and struggle around, uh, when I was introduced to the spice of life. 

Physical means how you take care of your body and have work and life balance. It means you have what you eat. You drink. You know, movement. Uh, the banks that we are physical beings means that there’s a need for touch. There’s a healthy up. Uh, expectation around sex. And so because of that, I was like, oh my goodness. If I had to rate myself in that area, I’m like, I’m losing. 

And, uh, so that was a struggle for me, but the physical is making sure that you have an awareness of it and so that you can bring your attention to it. Okay. So we got to talk about that too. Um, most people, when they talk about physical, we only talk about food and exercise, all those guilt inducing, or sometimes guilt inducing things. 

Um, and then sometimes you hear about sleep, but this is the first time Carmen. That I have heard someone say a touch. And that is a human need. Like I have a little dog that somewhere around in wonder. Yeah, she has a need for touch and just like that, we have a need for touch. That’s beautiful. Um, and I like need for sex. I didn’t, I subscribed to that. 

I like that as well. Uh, so, so including touch and intimate touch in those, in that description of physical practice, taking care of your body, that’s beautiful. Keep going. Okay. Okay. Thank you. And then the next letter is I, and this is one that I really loved here, and that’s about our intellectual stimulation. So we have a tendency to gravitate to things that we already love. So if you will come to my home, use more than clothes, more than furniture, I have books, right. But the books. 

All about to say they. They’re all. 

It’s all the thing that, so our intellectual knee and the spices. It’s about us stretching ourselves to something new and having work and life balance. Create at be intentional about setting up a new learning about something, a foreign language, a different type of music, just to stretch ourselves. Because what I noticed that the older we get, the more complacent we can become and just really leaning into the things we’re comfortable with. And ideally that’s the time that we really want to stretch ourselves to learn something new. 

I’m getting so much out of this, Carmen, I just had a challenge for myself to have work and life balance. Pop-up because you’re calling me out whenever I see, you know, intellectual stimulation or, you know, mental, whatever I’m like. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read a lot of books and I’m good. So check. Right. And you’re saying no, no. 

You and I have the same books. We have the same piles of books stacked up in our, in our, in our houses. We probably all read the same author and you’re saying stretch to something new. And so my little brain is chirping at me with all this political stuff. I was on Facebook last night. And I just am like, oh, like, you know, reading all the political craziness extremes on both ends. 

And, um, and normally I just do a talk to the hand when it comes to any of that. What if Carmen. And what if my intellectual practice. Is to go to Barnes and noble today. Cause I’m an old school book girl. Well, I still have Kindle, but you know, But I love, I love, love writing and books. Right. The physicality of it. I really enjoy. 

What if I go and buy a book from the opposite political party. Something that I might think is insane and nonsensical. And what if I try on another viewpoint? Ah, 

I would love that. I challenged myself to do that. Um, now when I think back as a little girl, My father passed away. Uh, I think 2017 and I will the. The talk show. I am still a talk show junkie. Only thing different is now having on my phone and not on the radio that he used to listen to all the time. 

But now when I think about it, like, I would’ve never stayed my father as a conservative, but those were the stations that he always listened to. So because of that, I remember me saying, oh my goodness, he’s talking crazy. Why are you listening to him? Like, and I remember just having this dialogue with him on my way to school or whatever. 

And I remember him saying that you don’t always want to listen to things from your person. But from your perspective, Like you need to know what other people thinking. So. By far, my father was the most brilliant man. I knew what a fifth grade education. And now so much of those lessons about how we can stretch ourselves to see other people’s perspective will really help us to win in life overall because we have an expanded view. So your ideal about grabbing stuff that from a different political persuasion, I think will serve you well. 

Oh, you’re so great. Thank you. Thanks for the inspiration on that one in work and life balance. I also have to say with us intellectual stimulation. Um, so I am not super musical. I can’t carry a tune to save my life and I, I took piano lessons. You know, when I was like in fourth grade through school through a year for a year, you know, 

And, um, you can get pianos free. Did you know that you can get pianos these giant, they waste 700 to a thousand pounds. You get a free or 50 bucks on Facebook. Uh, Whatever. Cause there wants to get rid of them because they are old and clunky. And so I got a piano. 

I know, and I’m taking this online course and I can’t even tell you I’m terrible. My kids like make fun of me all day long. I’m terrible at it, but I love it because I’m so bad at it. Like I love just being in this space of new learning. Um, so thank you for the push. Uh, to have that intellectual stimulation. Now I have to go read. 

Uh, a political book, that’s going to trigger me like crazy and I’m going to breathe through it. I’m going to be a better person for it. 

All right. You’re really the master in that category with your example of the piano. So, yeah. So I just want you to realize that because, uh, that’s a perfect example. If you were facilitating the class, I would say Kim used the example about the piano, because that’s a perfect, perfect example of taking something that you’re not familiar with and challenging yourself to apply it. This is how we achieve work and life balance.

Well, thank you. I felt like I just got a gold star from the teacher. Thank you. Yay. All right, let’s go on to the next idea for work and life balance. Uh, creative expression. Yeah. So creative expression is, um, how do you be in my old that we are all creative beings. So when we look at the present, who is a talented poet, oh my goodness. 

Um, uh, geos. God, I love her music. She is so talented. And when we think of creativity, we’re looking at art and we’re not looking at the fact that we are all creative beings, the fact of how you decide to wear your hair, how you decide to just show up how you decide to put your home together. That’s your creative expression. And it’s about us looking to see what areas in our life we really need to embrace or expand upon our creativity most important. 

And the first thing we want to do is acknowledge. The importance of being creative and that regardless if you think you are or not, and we are creative beings, give us some more examples of that from your life. If you don’t mind. Oh, my goodness guess. So for me, I’m a mannequin shopper and one of my good friends. 

That’s really, and to like Tai Chi and, uh, to teach me about the shakras. And so when I was going through learning about the spice of life, I told her we have to evaluate ourselves on a scale of one to five. I said, in the area of creativity, I’m going to give my stuff about a one and a half. I can’t stay, I don’t cook and I just have no creativity. 

So she comes back to me and says, Kami. You are one of the most creative people. I know. And as it relates to ideals, connecting people for business ideas like that is your CRE. And I never seen that as creativity. So was she shared with me? Is that usually, if you lack creativity, It’s something in your midsection. 

That’s a barrier to work and life balance. You should probably, you know, get that checked out medically. And when she said that to me, it felt like a womb, like kind of thing. What did that have to do with creativity, but can I tell you after I, after I got that insight from her. I went to the doctor at that time, I was still having my periods and they used to be brutal, like literally to the point where I was about to pass out. 

So sure enough what she said and the reason why I was a mannequin shopper, I had no ability to put things together. I had to see it already done. And then I went to my doctor and they explained these huge fibroids that I had. So back to the midsection, and once I had that surgery, I started being more. 

Feeling comfortable in being able to express my creativity through my home and in achieving work and life balance and just seeing things and not feel like everything had to be put together before I can be really creative. I can really like identify what colors are light, what textures, what patterns. So that’s something that I learned when I explore creativity. 

I love that your definition of creativity includes what you look like. Um, so I have a sister, I have a many sisters, but one of my sisters. Uh, I, she’s not, she’s my absolute role model when it comes to dressing, she doesn’t care like, and not in, not in a, not in a bad way, in a good way. Like she, um, mixes things that I wouldn’t think to mix. She wears a giant wild one earring and not the other, you. 

Just like, and she just, she, she dresses for the joy of it for the joy of how she feels. Uh, when she’s dressing. And so I’m, I’m kind of taking a note from her and trying to, um, I don’t know, free up the way. I look a little bit three of my wardrobe, a little bit more and start wearing some risky pieces where I put, I have, I bought a pair of leather pleated they’re fake leather. 

Pleather pleated pants. It looked like they were straight out of the eighties and I was like, I’m gonna wear these dammit. I haven’t worn them yet. Put these on. 


That’s great. Uh, example creativity in work and life balance, because if they didn’t appeal to you, you would not have even considered desk. What creativity is about really taking the time and pay attention to what appeals to us and going with it. I love it. Okay. So kind of like listening to yourself and saying, what do I want, what do I feel like doing, what do I feel like express? How do I feel like expressing myself? 

Let’s go onto the next E what’s the next E. Okay. So the E is emotional. How are we handling our emotions and being intentional with that? So we talked about journal and already, that’s a great, that’s a great way to express yourself. Writing in general is one of the best ways, but also making sure that you have that person. 

A few people, if you’re really fortunate that you can be able to share things with without a lot of judgment. You know, we all have a kind of a perspective on things that we hear. But if you could really identify that quality person in your life that you can share, you can have a certain level of transparency and not feel judged. That is what that emotional need is all about because here’s the deal. Kim, we’re going to get all of these fives and all of these needs met. 

But it’s going to, it’s all about, do we get them met in a negative way or a positive way? So if someone buys themselves. And a gain or if they find themselves in work and life balance. Uh, Uh, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Social setting. That’s still get an emotional need. Met. So it’s all about us having the awareness and having the necessary tools to be able to identify this is a need that my emotional needs. 

But how am I choosing to get the met? I like that. I’m just thinking, thinking through that. Um, I’ve never really contemplated. Uh, that you’re a, for your emotional wellbeing, you need people to share without judgment. And I think about that and I’m like, yeah, that’s a no brainer, but oftentimes we just leave it as, oh, your friends and family. 

Uh, but when you go through your family members, one by one, Do they listen without judgment? Um, and maybe for a lot of us, not so much. And so, uh, and then your friends, do your friends listen without judgment. Um, so that’s, that’s an interesting principle to go through and actually list out the people in your life and say, who are my, who are my real people? 

Yeah, so. Where are your people? And, and then able to identify. The fact that sometime emotionally, you just need to share and you don’t necessarily need feedback. One of my mentors shares is thinking. About as adults, um, We don’t need permission. We need support. And I always use that. So I look at, before I share anything of substance with the person or this person even have the ability to, I don’t need their permission cause we’re adults. Right. And so. 

Do I even believe this person has the capacity to give me support and that’s the way we support each other by just listening without judgment. And we don’t always need somebody to tell us what to do. We just need a place to share. Yeah. I had this conversation with my husband last night. Um, I was in a. 

Like I saw something online. I was all excited about it. And I was like, oh, this could be really cool. You know, that kind of thing. And, uh, and he, he does what he does best because he is a brilliant analyst. Uh, he analyzed it and I was like, that’s not what I wanted. And so I realized in that moment, it’s on me to say, Hey, 

Uh, what I want to share something that’s really exciting to me in work and life balance. And what I’m looking for is for you to be excited for me, you know, I’m not looking for, and just be outright with it and say, this is what I’m looking for in this conversation. Um, he’s so brilliant with feedback though. I frequently go to him, if not every day, every other day and say, Hey, I have this idea, poke holes. And that’s, that’s his like green light to use his analytic brain, uh, as much as possible, but most of the time, when, not most time, but when I’m in an emotional space, I’m like, don’t, don’t put Kohl’s. 

All right, your last one. S okay. So the last S is. Um, especially since the pandemic. Uh, social, how are we getting our social needs met as women entrepreneurs, especially for me, like business is my social thing. And I had to get to the point where I didn’t feel guilty about it. I have friends back from high school in my early twenties that we just to be able to hang out and have a great time. 

And we still do to a certain degree. But if I start identifying people that I am feeling wrong to the people I could. Really have a ball with those are going to be women entrepreneurs because we have more in common. And I know how hard they work. So if there’s a group that I want to hang out and really just let my hair down with, that’s going to be the group. And so that social need again, is being able to say, where am I? You know, dependent because isolated so many of us. So what things can we do and still stay fairly healthy, but still get our social needs met. 

I love that. Uh, what do you do to meet your social needs when you’re stuck at home or, you know, can’t go to events and things. What do you do? Yeah, well, one of the things that my youngest daughter created that I feel that’s filling a social gap is we have a family chat. Oh my goodness. And the craziness that goes on on that family chat. 

It’s like almost like a family reunion throughout the day or many days. So that’s something that we created during the pandemic. That has really been helpful. Uh, the other thing that I do is I’m just really, really intentional about getting out and socializing with one or two people where I can still feel safe. And then having that, having that kind of a social interaction. 

I hosted a women’s retreat back in September. Uh, here and all Scottsdale Arizona. And it was, um, maybe 12, 13 of us. And so it was a small intimate group. C it was work. It was work directed, but just having that time to share and, you know, just talk about what we’ve all been through, where we’re going in our business. 

And how are our personal lives impact our business decisions. Was phenomenal. So that was one of the big things that I’m committed to in 2022 is creating these quarterly social gatherings with a small group of women entrepreneurs. I love that. Um, So my life pre 2020, uh, had a lot of retreats in it. We had a business that held. 

Three to four retreats every single week. So that’s, that’s a lot going on. Uh, and, uh, post 2020, I have so missed all that connection. All those people I’ve just missed it. I’ve missed that social, the social needs obviously. And I realized how much of that was being met through work. And so for 2022, my, uh, my, uh, I don’t know way of getting that social new meant is I’m like, okay, I’m not hosting retreats anymore. I’m just going to go to them. 

And so I’m going to all these retreats and it’s so much more fun. Carmen, it’s so much more fun as an attending than it is to run it. Let me tell ya. I’ve been missing out. I’m missing out. 

Anyway, that was one of the most impactful experiences I had in business. And I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. That’s when I attended one of your retreats. It was like, literally life-changing. Yeah. So, um, yeah, we, you just have to really revisit a way. Of being able to not, you don’t necessarily take that on in this book. 

Uh, the space that you created and the, uh, the format and the gift it was for, uh, entrepreneurs somehow some way that can not be. Um, left. It has to be recreated. Because it was life changing for me. Well, thank you. Uh, for me too. When people, when people are together with people, That’s that’s when the magic happens. It’s it’s. 

Yes. Um, yeah. Anyway. Okay. Well, that was amazing. Um, any final words on content before we get into your offer? Any final, final words on balance. In a woman entrepreneur’s life. Yeah, my final words is just to give ourselves some grace. And when you’re looking at creating your spices of life, um, evaluation for yourself, just make sure that, you know, at different times in life, 

Then we may find ourselves. Uh, different spectrums because life happens. So the main thing we always want to remember is give ourselves some grace. Go with the flow, but it’s an awareness tool to let us know where am I here? What do I need to improve upon? And where am I really doing super well, so we can get ourselves that credit. 

Awesome. So as we wrap things up reminder that the goal of this podcast is to program your brain, to start instilling systems and habits into your daily life. It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you do, starting one very small step at a time in any of those areas, I’m going to go. I’m going to get my butt to Barnes and noble and buy a, buy a very triggering book. That’s what I’m going to do. 

So we have several giveaways here, giveaway from our sponsor card salad. Excuse me, go to habits for and sign up for a free seven day eat real foods challenge. It’s seven days of recipes done for you. Shopping lists and meal planning done for you in a week for a week. And then Carmen, do you want to talk about your offer that you have and point people to. 

Uh, your, your stuff as well. Yeah, absolutely. We have an amazing, amazing team that put together a magazine that because like Kim, I want to feel something in my hand when I’m reading it, it all, I can only do so much. So we have the B12 magazine, the well for women entrepreneurs. And we want to give out three copies of that hard copy of that magazine. So if you visit be well for women and just let me know that you heard us on this podcast. 

Sheer love thing that Kim shared or that I shared that you recall, and then let us know. That you, uh, are one of those winners or the first three people that reach out, we’re going to mail you a hard copy of the be. Well magazine. Awesome. That’s generous of you. Uh, give us your website one more time to be well Is that right? 

It’s being well for women. Be well for Perfect. And that’ll be in the show notes as well. So just check the links, wherever you’re listening or watching this. And you’ll find that. Uh, very generous offer from Carmen. Thank you. Uh, thanks so much for joining us. Carmen. I’ve had a delightful time. I could talk to you for hours, and now I know why. 

Y you are so loved. You are just a loving person. Uh, thanks for our listeners as well. This is habits for humans, the podcast that teaches you how to program your brain to. Uh, maximize your potential. Thank you in advance for giving us a positive review. Thanks. So, thanks everyone. 

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