Does Energy Healing Change Your Brain?: Kandy Graves | Habits for Humans


Does Energy Healing Change Your Brain?: Kandy Graves | Habits for Humans

Welcome to Habits for Humans, the show that explores how to program your brain to maximize your potential. The goal of this podcast is to teach you how to instill systems and habits to live a healthy, sustainable, deeply satisfying way of life.

In this episode, we focus on the question, “Does energy healing change your brain function?” In my conversation with Kandy Graves, aka Quantum Coach Kandy, was revelatory for a few reasons. One, I was reminded that productive trauma work is more than just telling your story to a skilled professional, though of course there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, it’s valuable to address the problem on a cognitive level; however, according to Kandy, this doesn’t go deep enough. Indeed, in order to create the profound shifts that leave clients free to find a new life arc, the work needs to incorporate energetic healing as well.

According to Kandy, this process involves not just reparenting the inner child, but also going around the RAS, the brain’s reticular activating system, in order to effectively reprogram the subconscious. How does this work, exactly? Kandy points out that the brain always seeks homeostasis; it prefers what is known, familiar, even comfortable. Which gets tricky when the known, the familiar, and the comfortable represent patterns of thinking and behaving that are unhealthy for us, always reactivating our traumas and the complicated –and often maladaptive–responses associated with them. So the reprogramming has to happen on what she calls an epigenetic level, deep enough that the mind simply releases the old patterns.

Sounds more like wizardry than therapy, right? But the results are truly stunning.

As one of only a small handful (roughly 120) of practitioners trained in this modality, Kandy offers clients a unique journey that helps them quickly locate and identify tricky patterns, then neutralize them. It was precisely this technique that helped a woman whose son had taken his life right in front of her, for example, to not only reckon with the pain and horror continually activated by the memory, but also to permanently disentangle herself from it. Yes, she still remembers what happened and what she witnessed, but she is no longer emotionally tethered to the event the way she was before.

It IS possible to reprogram our subconscious minds by working with rather than against the grain of the brain’s trauma response mechanisms. But it takes someone with Kandy’s highly unique skill set to facilitate this!

You can find her links below. If you’re ready to shift the way you react to the trauma of the past, Kandy is your skilled, competent, and compassionate Guide.

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Kandy Graves is a Pattern Breaking Energy Therapy Practitioner who utilizes a unique balance of traditional and energy healing methods, she assists her clients to be free of depression and anxiety through owning their Divinity and identifying and breaking subconscious generational patterns. She does this by assisting other in uncovering and becoming aware of trauma, big and not so big in their families of origin. She takes a person from where they are in their current reality and assists them in moving into their chosen, deliberate reality.

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